Love Love Magazine Issue #5 is available for sale now !

Love Love #5 black & white

Are you ready for another LOVE LOVE arts explosion? It’s here !

LOVE LOVE magazine issue #5, “The Real Fake” issue was released on March 19th, 2022. As usual the magazine tunes into all channels of creative output, publishing artists in poetry, prose, music, fashion, photography, collage art, painting and photo novellas…

You can purchase a copy of #5 (shipping included!) and/or order screen-printed accessories now ! 

One of the themes of #5 is a LOVE LOVE interpretation of the ‘Situationist’ philosophy and writings of Guy Debord including his artistic and political tome “The Society of The Spectacle”An additional theme is “Fashion”. We’ve approached the subject in a very original LOVE LOVE way.  The Fashion and Spectacle themes unite in “real fakeness”.

To finish this issue with a bang we once again ‘Break on Through’ by including a special vinyl record insert.

Stay tuned on all LOVE LOVE channels for announcements regarding future events and creations!


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In this issue you’ll see original, previously unpublished material from the following Love Love #5 contributors and collaborators:

Gerard Malanga @gerard_malanga.official
Tuli Kupferberg (through the Kupferberg estate)
Tess Parks
Sharon van Etten
Robert Rubbish @robertrubbish
Kim Logan
Yaz Bukey
Jan Håfström
Lucas Fox
Kirsty Allison
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko
Roxanne Fontana @roxannefontanaofficial
Ryan Drag
Rhys Campbell
Isabel de Andreis
JC Hopkins
David Savage
William Garvin
Tak Erzinger
Camille Dargahi
Benito Vila
Sophia Lucia
Maja Björk
Julien Merieau
Samy Lariby
Nicca Ray @niccaray
Lisa Marie Berndt
Mark Fernyhough
Marc Pradel
Anna Vedelöv
Peter Doherty
Pretty Malina
John Pietaro
Oliver Tompkins Ray
Editor-in-Chief :
Lisa Marie Järlborn
Translators :
Édouard Ficat
Mélanie Duguès
Sydney Russell
Webmaster :
Gene Ruda & Lisa Marie Järlborn