The Love Notes

Two lovers meet for the first time and fall in love. As they part they each slip a love poem in the other’s pocket…walking away they find their love notes… How does the love story end?

This is a Moving Poetry movie by Lisa Marie Järlborn. The pencil drawings are moved naturally while being filmed. They were first published in Love Love #4 and the original drawings were shown at Love Love – The Real Fake exhibition at OFR Paris on March 19-20 2022.

Pencil drawing, Poetry, Animation & Edit by Lisa Marie Järlborn

Music & Poetry by Mark Fernyhough

Voices by Lisa Marie Järlborn & Mark Fernyhough

Lisa Marie Järlborn is the founder and editor of Love Love magazine. Mark Fernyhough is a British composer and visual artist who opened for Suede on 3 tours and worked for magazines such as Vogue, Vice and Dazed.

Bed in again. – for peace & love & for keeping it real

An extra-ordinary common love story set in the midst of Guy Debord’s “The Society of The Spectacle”.

John and Yoko are transported into modern day society, now dealing with things like social media, where image and appearance are more real than the real, and where they are left to search for true values, love and understanding in a topsy-turvy world. They are asking the questions «  why doesn’t anyone try to be a better person ? » and « to make the world a better place ? ».

This is a photo novella movie, also published as a photo novella (roman photo) in Love Love #5 – The Real Fake.

Starring: Lisa Marie Järlborn as Yoko

Marc Pradel as John

Written, directed, shot, cut & edited by Lisa Marie Järlborn

(roof scene filmed by Marc Pradel)

Music by Marc Pradel & Danilo Sannelli

Music mixed by Frédéric Pradel

Barbarisms play their (old) new song “Soft Random Lies”

To read about the band and view an interview with them click here.

Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine sing “Jamais Envie De” (Never in the Mood) and chat with LOVE LOVE hosts and artists.

Gerard Malanga recites “The New Mélancholia” on a LOVE LOVE call with Lisa Marie

Brisa Roché sings “Cypress” and shares the LOVE LOVE with Lisa Marie and Jeanette.

Alexander Keyes Rash reads from “Esmerelda” and chats with LOVE LOVE TV hosts

Thomas Baignères performs and chats with hosts Lisa Marie and Jeanette
at LOVE LOVE’s studio located at the club in Le Serpent à Plume in Paris.