The Last of the Beats – Charles Plymell signed poems & Love Love memorabilia

Charles Plymell is often called “The Last of The Beats”. This is how he was introduced in Love Love #1:

“- Beat poet, novelist & publisher.

Plymell was part of the Beat Generation in the 60s with fellow friends and writers such as Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Peter Orlovsky, Herbert Huncke and William S. Burroughs. He printed Robert Crumb’s first ZAP comix. He also created many underground magazines, for example NOW magazine from the early 60s and has, with his wife Pamela Beach Plymell, published many other magazines and books.
Before meeting the Beats in the early 60s Plymell had traveled the Western States, been a hep cat in Hollywood, rodeo rider in Arizona ,auto thrill show driver in Oklahoma, firat of 50’s hipsters in Kansas City, and created his own spiritual/mythical Wichita Vortex. He has published several books of poetry and collages internationally and has worked with musicians who sing his poems. He has joined Byron Coley’s productions for perfomances in Montreal and lives in Cherry Valley, NY.”

Charley was one of the first to believe in Love Love magazine. He helped editor Lisa Marie by contributing to the very first issue and by reaching out to his huge web of friends and fellow artists to give the magazine an explosive starting field of “Love Lovers”. Today Love Love is happy to share with you below Byron Coley’s interview with Charley for our very first issue, as well as several of his publications in the magazine, pictures, poetry, and the movie that Lisa Marie put together after her three day stay with Charley in October 2019. In the Love Love shop you can find 6 signed & numbered copies of Charley’s poem “Neal Cassady” that we are selling to benefit Charley. He is a huge cat lover, as his friend Love Love magazine mentor Gerard Malanga, and he needs help to feed more than twenty stray cats that he and his wife Pam lovingly care for. You can see some of those cats in Lisa Marie’s video below. Upcoming soon are 10 very rare copies of Gerard Malanga-signed photographs of Charley, as well as exclusive and rare books from publisher Bottle of Smoke Press. We will share the links to these here on the website as soon as we can.

"Someday They'll Come and Crate Me" (1984)