Sophia Lucia – La Croix De Berny

LOVE LOVE TV presents Sophia Lucia, musician, writer, actor and star of the one-woman variety show Freak Show Cabaret.  Sophia hails from the city of Chicago and now lives and works in Paris. She performed her theatrical, conversational folk/funk/spoken-word/ rock & roll song “La Croix De Berny” live at Le Serpent à Plume in Paris on December 1st 2020, and chatted to Love Love hosts Lisa Marie & Jeanette.

Filmed by Lucas Hauchard @lucas.hauchard
Directed by Olivier Boscovitch @olivier_boscovitch
Edited by Lisa Marie Järlborn @lisamarielovelove
Produced and mastered by Gene Stephan Ruda @generuda
Hosted by Le Serpent à Plume @serpentaplume_

Read Sophia’s poetry in Love Love #3, available from the SHOP.

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