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Pre-sale pocket Love Love paperback NYC special


This is a pre-sale, all orders will be shipped from Paris before the release of the 27th of August. If there is any delays in the printing, they will be shipped from September 2nd from Paris. All orders can also be picked up in Paris or at the NYC event August 27 and 28.




In August Love Love is going to New York and for this event we are releasing a pocket-sized paperback Love Love with the best of the five first issues in poetry, prose and visual art.

Pocket Love Love is 160 pages long and we are printing 200 copies. The cover is in color and inside it’s in black and white, just like the magazine. It’s postcard format and you can easily put it in your pocket and bring it everywhere with you. Find some hidden gems from the first sold out issues!

You get a 5€ discount when buying it on pre-sale and free shipping.

If you’re in New York in August, please come and celebrate the release of pocket Love Love on August 27 and 28 at TwoSeven gallery, with Gerard Malanga reading, editor Lisa Marie Järlborn hosting and Love Lover Martina Salisbury having us all at her gallery. More info in post to come!

In pocket Love Love you will find the contributors:

Claude Pélieu

Mary Beach

Gerard Malanga

Anne Waldman

Bernard Xolotl

Tuli Kupferberg

Ed Sanders

Charles Plymell

Nicca Ray

Bob Branaman

Jeremy Reed

Thurston Moore

Sharon van Etten

Peter Doherty

Tess Parks

Thomas Baignères

Brisa Roché

Julien Langendorff

Byron Coley

Gil Lesage

Pierre Emery

Tony Notarberardino

Nico Malvaldi

François Grivelet

Lisa Marie Järlborn

Julien Merieau

Neal Fox

Jonathan Richman

Robert Rubbish

Emelie Nordkvist

A.D. Winans


Henrik Aeshna

Kirsty Allison

Ulla Andesong

Niall McDevitt

Benito Vila

Scarlett Sabet

Martina Salisbury

Peter Carlaftes

e.a.d. sellors

Mark Fernyhough

Andy Crofts

Roxanne Fontana

Aldona Gritzmann

Anna Vedelöv