LOVE LOVE #5 – The Real Fake – Get Real !

Are you ready for another LOVE LOVE arts explosion? It’s Here!

As usual the magazine tunes into all channels of creative output, publishing artists in poetry, prose, music, fashion, photography, collage art, painting and photo novellas…

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One of the themes of #5 is a LOVE LOVE interpretation of the ‘Situationist’ philosophy and writings of Guy Debord including his artistic and political tome “The Society of The Spectacle”. With that in mind Lisa Marie interviewed the enigmatic and mysterious artist Pandemonia, whose real identity is secret, well hidden under a magnificent self-designed manikin persona, his cross-dress-bedecked body mounted by a cartoonish latex doll-head. Pandemonia has constructed an imaginary and complex faux world around his alter ego. In the interview he discusses the reasons for this, and how Debord’s notion that “the image is more real than the real” guides him with his creations.


An additional theme is “Fashion”. We’ve approached the subject in a very original LOVE LOVE way. Editor Lisa Marie and inspirational mentor Gerard Malanga discovered early on that they had a mutual love for clothing. Gerard was a well known fashionista during the Warhol days, and Lisa Marie has worked for ten years as a Paris fashion designer. In this issue she wanted to connect to the art form in a pure way. To shed the art form’s commercial and status-oriented guises. First we’ll filter our ‘look’ lenses through the unpublished ”Fashion Poems” of Malanga from the ‘60s. You’ll also be able to read Gerard’s chapter on YSL muse Lou Lou de la Falaise, as well as his personal recollections of friend and designer Calvin Klein, with whom he grew up in the Bronx, New York City. 

You can purchase a copy of #5 (shipping included!) and/or order screen-printed accessories now !

The Fashion and Spectacle themes unite in real fakeness when LOVE LOVE magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa Marie Jarlborn interviews Yaz Bukey, “The “Queen of Plexi”, fashion accessories and jewelry designer who, in tune with Debord and Pandemonia, has imagined her own flat and real fake universe in plexiglass. Calling her art “sophistipop”, Yaz raises the pretense of child’s play to artistic heights. 


In this issue’s photo novella “Bed in again” Debord’sSociety of the Spectacle” is realized. A contemporary John and Yoko suffer from today’s challenges. They survive by utilizing magic, love and an old fashioned ‘bed in’. They ask themselves questions like, “Why does no-one try to make the world a better place, or to become better people”?


As a now running Love of Beat installment (issue #4’s primary theme), LOVE LOVE  happily collaborated with arts historian and journalist Lisa Marie Berndt, who has launched the incredibly successful Instagram page @womenofthebeatgeneration. Our “other” Lisa Marie contributes to the magazine with an article about Beat artist Jay de Feo’s explosive monumental painting “The Rose”.

You can purchase a copy of #5 (shipping included!) and/or order screen-printed accessories now !

To finish this issue with a bang we once again ‘Break on Through’ by including a special vinyl record insert, a poetic-rock collaboration with musician and poet Roxanne Fontana, who offers a Flexi disc of explosive delight to light up your vinyl player.


Among new LOVE LOVERS that join us in this issue is rock band journeyman Lucas Fox, founding member and drummer of Motörhead, who tells the story “How I Survived Motörhead” from his forthcoming book. We also get to soar into the universe of a hero of the Swedish art world, 80 year-old pop artist painter and sculptor Jan Håfström who, through collaboration with the band Barbarisms, has created a unique link between art forms. It’s a parallel path expression alongside the band’s music, combining their songs with his iconic images.  


Artist Robert Rubbish from the collective Le Gun rejoins in illustrative and storytelling splendor. Author and poet Nicca Ray captures her encounter with Charles Plymell through poetry. Kirsty Allison offers us a fabulous piece of her latest poetic prose. Artist and singer Tess Parks rejoins us in full fervor with poetry, photography and drawings. As does musician Kim Logan, who shares poems from her upcoming collection for the first time. Photographer and clandestine radio legend Julien Merieau presents cut up collage artworks. Also returning are Andy Crofts, Thomas Jasmin and Antonia Alexandra Klimenko.


More new LOVE LOVERS include Ryan Drag, Camille Dargahi, Samy Lariby, Isabel de Andreis, J.C. Hopkins, Tak Erzinger and David Savage.

Stay tuned on all LOVE LOVE channels for future announcements of events and special publications ! 

LOVE LOVE always,

Lisa Marie and the LOVE LOVE team


You can purchase a copy of #5 (shipping included!) and/or order screen-printed accessories now !