Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine – Always In The Mood…

LOVE LOVE TV presents Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine – The provocative pop music duo/couple joined editor Lisa Marie & co-host Jeanette, as well a couch full of Paris-based musical creatives (Brisa Roché, Sophia Lucia and Thomas Baignéres) at Le Serpent à Plume (day for) night club during the pandemic confinement. Jo and Jean sang an intimate version of their hit song “Jamais Envie De” (Never in the Mood), and shared details of their ongoing collaboration and work-in-progress, a new album to be released in Summer 2021.

Read LIsa Marie’s exclusive LOVE LOVE magazine interview with Jo Wedin (English with French translation by Lisa Marie Jarlborn) in Love Love #3, available from the SHOP.

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