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One Giant LOVE LOVE Magazine! Issue #2!


I decided on a whim to create one gigantic copy of Love Love magazine #2. I’ve always been fascinated by the art and poetry that we can see around us, written on walls, in the subway, on posters and even clothing.

What if our Love Love magazine could be walked into, as if it was a whole world of art and poetry that you could wrap around you? It was possible! But I couldn’t afford to actually have it printed the size I wanted it. So I had to be creative.

I made the pages huge, using 9 A3-format papers that I scotched together on my living room floor. I sometimes had to trim the edges, which the printers hadn’t done so well. It was a tiring, very precise and monotonous job! Also quite sporty  and not a very nice back workout!




Then we took Love Love for a café. I love Paris for it’s cafés. And what’s one of the best things to do in them? Sit down for a coffee, with a friend and a giant magazine full of art and poetry. That’s Love Love.





At first we didn’t actually take the whole magazine out with us, we took some photos with the cover to promote it for the upcoming release party. The whole magazine counts 56 pages and I hadn’t figured out how to hold this giant zine together for impatient hands turning its pages and browsing its contents.

I finally opted for a wooden “clip”, using the exact same technique that cafés use for exposing their daily journals to their guests. This way the magazine could stand up and you could turn the pages easily. I would later take the magazine out for more walks! And people could walk around it at the Paris release party.

Lisa Marie with Pierre Emery in giant Love Love #2, Paris release February 13th 2020, polaroid Edouard Paturel