Barbarisms – the band telling us Soft Random Lies


Barbarisms is a Stockholm-based band formed by American singer/songwriter Nicholas Faraone, Swedish guitarist Tom Skantse and drummer Robin af Ekenstam. In late spring 2021 they invited editor Lisa Marie to their snug little red cottage in Vitabergsparken in south central Stockholm and played her an (old) new song called “Soft Random Lies”. They talked about the band’s latest album “Zugzwang”, about love and creation, youth, hypnosis and Edgar Allan Poe, while someone was blasting away in the mountain beneath…

Barbarisms music is hypnotic and repetitive, the new album “Zugzwang” tells stories with three cords and three part harmony. It is emotionally bare, open and unafraid. It’s poetry is direct and real. It almost feels like reading someone’s very mesmerizing diary, to the sound of a hypnotic beat which lulls you in and spell-binds you.

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Love Love Magazine editor-in-chief Lisa Marie Jarlborn interviewed the Barbarisms in their Stockholm studio prior to the commercial release of their new single.